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Wake Up, Sheeple!

Wake Up Sheeple with Ora G. Walters and Anthony "TonyTwo" Kordick

Season 1

Musical Bears

In this podcast episode, co-hosts Ora and TonyTwo discuss the importance of positivity and kindness towards others. They share their backstory and how they met while working at a CBS affiliate. Ora talks about her experience helping the local homeless, while TonyTwo shares his experience working in television and his upcoming job interview. They also introduce a new segment called "What You Need to Know" and discuss two movies they recently watched. Throughout the episode, they maintain a lighthearted and humorous tone while emphasizing the importance of spreading kindness and positivity in the world.

The Surprising Accuracy of Our Predictions

Ora G. and TonyTwo talk about how well the job hunts of last episode went. They go into the exciting beginnings of new things, and the depressing ends of others. The two discuss their time working together when TonyTwo was a temp. Plus, we got a listener email! (Spoiler alert: It's Ora's mom). The long distance podcasting question is finally answered. Then, the co-hosts talk more about bears and TV shows. Ora was pretty sure she knew what TonyTwo is going to talk about. What could go wrong?

By Popular Demand...

This episode includes an appearance of a special guest, Brandyn. We brought him in at the request of a guy named "Verk". Unrelated to guys' names, we discuss some of the life changes that have happened in the last three months.